Summer makeup tips 2017 for oily skin

Summer makeup can be a swear problem in oily skin
Oily skin is the major problem for summer makeup .Oily skin has pores, and greasy appearance and the sebum make the face look shinier in the hot summers. Here are some summer makeup tips 2017 for the meltdown of makeup and oily forehead. Avoid the oil and alcoholic containing makeup cosmetics.Pat your face with the oil absorbing blotting paper or puff after some time to remove the oil and dust. Before summer makeup uses a facial cleanser and oil control moisturizer that has the sun protection features. A very essential summer make tip 2017 is to use oil free foundation before make up and use a good quality makeup and care cosmetic primer before applying the foundation or base. Set your foundation with loose powder and use mate eye shadow and blush on in the summer season for oily skin summer makeup.

Apply powder and foundation before summer makeup
Summer makeup tips 2017 for facial base
Young Girls Summer Beauty Makeup Tips

Always try to use sheer makeup cosmetics in summer season. Your skin complexion turns darker in summers so always choose the color of foundation according to that. Before applying the foundation use a sun screen moisturizer. Use damp sponge to apply the base of summer makeup. Bronzing translucent powder is best in summer’s makeup tips 2017.

Lipstick and eye makeup summer tips 2017 tips
Deal good with summer make tips 2017
In summers your skin become oily that is why always use neutral and light eye shadows. Follow the eye makeup summer tips 2017. During day apply the single and light coat of eye mascara but in the evening you can try a thick coat. It will make your eyes broad and attractive. Avoid eye liner and kajal in the sunny day and try to use eyes pencil instead of eye liner. Lipstick and lip glosses get faded in the summer season. So keep your lips intact and before applying the lipstick apply a coat of face powder on your lips. Lipstick will stick to the powder and stay for many hours. Frosted pink, peach and golden lip gloss with shimmery touch looks very attractive in summers. Enjoy the sunny days with long lasting summer makeup.